Analyzing the 2018 Fall Schedule: CBS Analyzing the 2018 Fall Schedule: CBS
KSiteTV's Craig Byrne and Shilo Adams look over the CBS 2018 schedule, which includes two new comedies, a Murphy Brown revival, and a Magnum... Analyzing the 2018 Fall Schedule: CBS

magnum p.i. cbsMONDAY
ACTUAL SCHEDULE: 8:00 The Neighborhood; 8:30 Happy Together; 9:00 Magnum P.I.; 10:00 Bull

SHILO: I like and understand Magnum getting a 9:00 slot. Going into the season, I assumed they would give it preferential treatment so as to guarantee sampling, but if they’re that confident in it and want to use what power they think this brand has, mazel tov. But airing three new shows back-to-back-to-back is a fool’s errand; it’s hard enough to get one show to pop in this TV environment, so throwing three together and calling it a lineup is begging the TV gods for flops and a midseason shakeup. I mean, I get that they wanted to make over Monday after disappointments this year, but at best, this is different for different’s sake. At worst, though, it’s a network not known for its diversity stacking a good chunk of their POC-fronted newbies on one night knowing that at least one won’t make it long. It’s shortsighted scheduling that could stunt Magnum P.I.‘s sampling (which might already have trouble thanks to 9-1-1 and Monday Night Football) and put CBS on the defensive early, all for reasons unclear. Why CBS intentionally sandbags itself, as it also did this year with Me, Myself & I in the fall after three multi-cams, I’ll never know.

CRAIG: The 8:00 hour looks so easily replaceable and neither of the series screamed “this will go on for 5+ seasons” to me. At the very least, I would have expected to see one veteran (Man With A Plan?) to kick off the night. Losing Scorpion from the Monday schedule was a sort of predictable thing; CBS was smart, though, to put the Magnum P.I. reboot on at 9PM rather than 10. Scorpion did much better in the earlier slot, and Magnum has the potential, unless the lead-ins kill it, to do really well there. I still miss the mustache, though. As for Bull at 10… its best hope is that it pairs well with Magnum, because I’m really not sure about this one.

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