Blood Drive Photos and Sneak Peek: “A Fistful of Blood”Blood Drive Photos and Sneak Peek: “A Fistful of Blood”
On the next episode of Blood Drive, Arthur helps a wasteland sheriff free his town, only for the lines between good and evil to... Blood Drive Photos and Sneak Peek: “A Fistful of Blood”

Grace and Arthur managed to survive The Gentleman’s brief tenure as Master of Mayhem through their teamwork against Denali, their kindness toward The Scholar, and Slink’s complete inability to live a life where he’s not in charge of the Blood Drive. Granted, they’re now having to deal with a revenge-minded, erratic Slink who badly wants to stick it to Heart, but with The Scholar on their side and more than half the racers having been killed, Grace and Arthur are actually in a pretty decent position going forward. Assuming they can hang tough through the gauntlet Heart will throw at them and continue growing their connection, they stand a legitimate shot at winning the Blood Drive and bringing the corporation down once and for all. 

On the next episode of Blood Drive, Grace, Arthur, and The Scholar are rerouted through Red River, a town near enough The Scar that the inherent dangers of the race are amplified exponentially. Slink wants to use a rough leg for the trio as a way of making the Heart executives squirm, given that there was an explicit order not to kill Grace, and tamp down the remaining D’Argento’s stubborn fight against him. If she makes it through Red River, the experience will be bad enough that she’ll be like she was post-Majora, a shell of herself and not a threat to Slink’s reign; if she doesn’t make it through Red River, Slink will have lost a thorn in his side while showing Heart that this unhinged take on the race is no accident – it’s the rule of law now. But if the Heart executives catch wind of what Slink is doing, will there be any hell to pay for the newly installed Master of Mayhem? Or could the amount of carnage an off-kilter, vicious Slink brings forth produce the type of television that would excuse his indiscretions?

Blood Drive airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on Syfy.

Will Grace, Arthur, and The Scholar be able to escape Red River unscathed? What type of horrors could Slink have in store for the team if they face down The Scar and live to tell the tale? Is the inclusion of The Scholar going to push Grace and Arthur that much closer to the title of Primo?


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BLOOD DRIVE -- "A Fistful of Blood" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Colin Cunningham as Slink -- (Photo by: David Bloomer/Syfy)

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