Blood Drive Photos and Sneak Peek: “Welcome to Pixie Swallow”Blood Drive Photos and Sneak Peek: “Welcome to Pixie Swallow”
On the next episode of Blood Drive, Arthur and Grace try to regroup after their poor first leg of the race at the first... Blood Drive Photos and Sneak Peek: “Welcome to Pixie Swallow”

Thanks to an adrenaline burst propelled by their Grace’s quick thinking, Arthur and Grace managed to avoid the disaster that would’ve been being eliminated first and live to race another day. This brush with death gives both extra motivation to come out of the gate during the next leg on a mission, as Grace doesn’t want to leave her sister stranded and Arthur has been itching to arrest everyone involved with the race since he know of its existence. Despite some bumps along the way, the two know they need one another if they have any hope at crawling their way to the front of the pack and emerging victorious after the last leg, but first they’re going to need to survive the first pit stop.

On the next episode of Blood Drive, Grace and Arthur find themselves at the mercy of cannibalistic diner Pixie Swallow, the first pit stop in the Blood Drive. After a high octane first leg that found Arthur disoriented and angry, and Grace frustrated with the partner she ended up with, the two needed a rest that would allow them to regroup, refocus, and plan ahead for the coming legs. However, the Blood Drive isn’t about letting its racers off easy, not when there’s so much money on the line and not when there’s a lot of fun to be had making every last racer squirm. You find out a lot by a team by how they handle themselves away from the race itself, so in the first big test of Arthur and Grace’s newfound respect for one another, they’re going to have to keep the other from ending up on the menu at the Pixie Swallow.

Blood Drive airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on Syfy.

Will Grace and Arthur be able to escape Pixie Swallow in one piece? If so, which of their fellow racers might not be as lucky? Now that Arthur has proven his will to win to Grace, is she going to slowly begin to trust him?


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BLOOD DRIVE -- "Welcome to Pixie Swallow" Episode 102 -- Pictured: Marama Corlett as Aki -- (Photo by: David Bloomer/Syfy)

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