Blood Drive Photos and Sneak Peek: “The Chopsocky Special”Blood Drive Photos and Sneak Peek: “The Chopsocky Special”
On the next episode of Blood Drive, Grace's Kung Fu is tested against a worthy adversary, while Arthur goes on a vision quest. Blood Drive Photos and Sneak Peek: “The Chopsocky Special”

Grace and Arthur managed to escape a vicious town sheriff and Julian Slink himself during their brief detour to Red River. On the one hand, they no longer have the brain bombs lodged to their spines, meaning that they’re not beholden to the rules of the race and the whims of its master anymore; on the other, though, the injury Arthur suffered in Red River has become life threatening, so they’re not out of the woods just yet. Even though it’s a bit of a long shot considering the state of the world, Grace has to find a doctor to see him and ensure that the two will be able to leave this experience in (mostly) one piece.

On the next episode of Blood Drive, Grace and Arthur arrive at Tasty Dragon’s, a Chinese restaurant located almost on top of The Scar. It’s not an ideal situation, given how dangerous the vicinity to The Scar is and how The Scar has been purported to alter people’s behavior, but the world isn’t exactly overflowing with hospitals and qualified medical professionals anymore. Time is of the essence, so even if nobody in the restaurant can help Arthur, there could very well be a phone to bring someone out to them. However, there’s something not right when they enter Tasty Dragon’s; not only does the owner not seem too hurried to help Arthur, she gives him the day’s special that subsequently gives the former police officer an out-of-body experience. While Grace has to suss out what’s really going on in the restaurant, including the impact that its location has on its owner, Arthur must navigate a vision quest that could present to him answers to questions he didn’t know he had.

Blood Drive airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on Syfy.

Will Grace be able to get Arthur the medical attention that he needs? What will Arthur learn about himself and the race while on his vision quest? How will being so near The Scar impact Grace and Arthur’s relationship?


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BLOOD DRIVE -- "The Chopsocky Special" Episode 109 -- Pictured: Alan Ritchson as Arthur -- (Photo by: David Bloomer/Syfy)

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