Black Lightning: Cress Williams On Freeland’s Fate & New Super-Friends Black Lightning: Cress Williams On Freeland’s Fate & New Super-Friends
Black Lightning star Cress Williams discusses Freeland's fate, his new costume, and Crisis on Infinite Earths in a new interview. Black Lightning: Cress Williams On Freeland’s Fate & New Super-Friends

The current season of Black Lightning continues the series’ special concoction of family drama with superheroic plots, and this season, Jefferson Pierce’s home town of Freeland is under a bit of a lockdown, with people kept in captivity and an unsure feeling of who exactly is telling the truth of all that is going on. The Pierce family is weaved into this story, all coming from it in different angles, and at the core of the family unit is Jefferson Pierce, a.k.a. Black Lightning, as played by Cress Williams.

We spoke with Cress Williams recently on the Atlanta set of Black Lightning, and as you can see from the video below, the actor did the interview while wearing his new, much sleeker Black Lightning costume. Unsurprisingly, that was the first thing he was asked about.

“It’s amazing,” Williams enthused about Black Lightning’s new suit. “This suit is so much more comfortable. I’ve been in it a lot this season, both here and in Vancouver [for Crisis on Infinite Earths]. So much of what I’ve been doing, and how much I’ve been in it, couldn’t happen in the old suit.  I don’t think I could really sit in the old suit,” he shared.

That’s not the only thing that has changed. The occupation of Freeland left Jefferson Pierce locked up for several weeks — and that’s prompting a lot of change for Williams’ character.

“I think he’s angrier, and, I think he has the right to be. Going from Season 1, this school was successful, his daughters were safe, and then, you progress to being locked up over a month, and then,coming out to an occupation, and nobody is safe. He’s tried to do things the right way and play by the rules, and then, he sees the repercussions of that. So he’s angry,” Williams explains.

Could Freeland still be redeemed?

“I think so,” he says. “Maybe I’m just an optimist. I know that we have to have conflict, obviously, but, somewhere, way down the line, when we’re doing the final episode, I hope we have left Freeland better than we found it. I do think this whole occupation won’t last forever, but also, I hope that we’ve cleaned up the streets. It’s not going to become Mayberry, but, I do hope that it’s better than we found it. You don’t have a show if you don’t have conflict, so it’s going to take a while.”

Finally, what was it like for Cress Williams to team up with other heroes in this year’s CW Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, airing in December and January?

“First of all, it was awesome. It was just massive,” Cress enthused. “The amount of people, the amount of number ones, the amount of superheroes, was just massive, and they handled it well. But then, you had these out-of-body moments, not while you’re acting, but in between shots, when you just looked around, and everybody’s in some sort of costume, and you’re like ‘this is weird, man. Everybody’s in capes, and tights, and, wow, this is really bizarre.’ But, all in all, it was great. They, welcomed me with open arms, and I had a blast.”

Black Lightning airs new episodes Monday nights on The CW. See video from our interview, including more Season 3 insights from Cress Williams, below… and stay tuned for more Black Lightning interviews and content from our set visit within the next few days!


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