Black Lightning: China Anne McClain on Jen After Khalil Black Lightning: China Anne McClain on Jen After Khalil
Interview with China Anne McClain about Black Lightning Season 3 Black Lightning: China Anne McClain on Jen After Khalil

The Pierce family has gone through a lot so far in Black Lightning Season 3, and of course Jennifer Pierce, the character played by China Anne McClain, has had to deal with a life that now didn’t have Khalil (Jordan Calloway) in it… what has it been like to play that for the current season of the series, which airs Monday nights on The CW?

We spoke with China Anne McClain during our recent visit to the Black Lightning set for some insights.

“The entire Khalil situation was a lot,” she admitted. “I mean, they went from dating and just being two teenagers, which was before she knew she had super powers, to him being paralyzed, and then coming back and working for Tobias, killing her father, attacking the school, all of that stuff. And then when they went on the run and she was trying to keep him alive, she got close to him again in a way that she wasn’t before, and so him passing was very difficult for her and she’s still feeling the effects of it this season and it’s going to be really interesting when she finds out that his body is up and moving even though he is different,” she teased.

You can see our full video interview with China Anne McClain below. Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9PM ET/PT on The CW. Stay tuned for more interviews with cast members from the show! Photos from tonight’s new episode can be found here.


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