Black Lightning: China Anne McClain On Character Relationships & Her Music Black Lightning: China Anne McClain On Character Relationships & Her Music
Black Lightning on set interview with China Anne McClain who plays Jennifer Pierce a.k.a. Lightning Black Lightning: China Anne McClain On Character Relationships & Her Music

Last week KSiteTV was among a group of outlets that visited the Georgia sets of The CW television series Black Lightning which sees its second season starting this Tuesday, October 9 on The CW. Photos from the season premiere can be found here.

While we were there, we spoke with every series regular in the cast, and in rolling those interviews out, we’re starting with one of Season 2’s major players.

China Anne McClain plays Jennifer Pierce, the younger of the Pierce siblings who is starting to exhibit metahuman abilities of her own. Unlike her sister Anissa (Nafessa Williams) who has embraced her new abilities, Jennifer is having a tougher time of it — especially since they seem to be beyond her control.

While on set, China was asked about that sisterly relationship between Jennifer and Anissa, and what it’s like to interact with Nafessa who platy her sisters.

“I absolutely love Nafessa, and when I do those scenes, it reminds me of my two sisters — of my older sister specifically… my oldest sister Sierra, because she’s like my second mom. So whenever we have those scenes — I don’t ever really fuss with my real sister, because I don’t want to get in trouble — like I said, second mom —  but when I do those scenes and when we don’t see eye to eye and when we’re talking about things and it’s really passionate, I totally get sister vibes with her, because it reminds me of conversations I’ve had with my real sisters at home. I love doing those scenes with her,” McClain told us.

As for other relationships for Jennifer on Black Lightning, there is still a possibility of things working out with Khalil (Jordan Calloway).

“There is a huge possibility of things working out with Khalil,” China said. “I mean, they were friends before they dated, so she cares a lot about him. He’s in a lot of crap right now, being over there with Tobias — Painkiller — he’s a totally different person than when she first met him, but she still cares about him, and she still wants him to be okay. She wants the best for him. So, you’re going to see that through the season, her trying to help and save him. That’s all I’m going to say.”

You can see video from our interview below, including an answer to the question of whether or not we’ll be hearing China Anne McClain’s music on the series! Come back to KSiteTV in the coming days for more from our Black Lightning set visit.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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