Bitten Season 3 U.S. Premiere Tonight: “Family, of Sorts” Bitten Season 3 U.S. Premiere Tonight: “Family, of Sorts”
Preview images and description for the Bitten Season 3 U.S. premiere, "Family, of Sorts" featuring Laura Vandervoort Bitten Season 3 U.S. Premiere Tonight: “Family, of Sorts”

The premiere of the third and final season of Bitten starring Smallville “Supergirl” fan favorite Laura Vandervoort debuts in the United States tonight (February 15) at 10PM ET/PT on Syfy.

The title of the premiere is “Family, of Sorts” and here is how Syfy describes it:

In order to solidify his power, a war hardened Jeremy has tasked Elena, Clay, and Nick with recruiting all North American Mutts into The Pack. But, when an unknown werewolf sniper takes a shot at the Alpha, The Pack must adjust course to track down those responsible. Meanwhile, Elena is accosted by a mysterious stranger who challenges her with a shocking claim.

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