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Beauty And The Beast “Tough Love” Extended Promo Screencaps

The new episode of Beauty And The Beast airing next Thursday, February 21, is expected to be a game changer where something tragic is bound to happen. The CW aired a promotional trailer for the episode, which is called “Tough Love,” after the episode that aired last night; thanks to Mr. Video, we have screen captures from an extended version of that promo. (You can see the original aired promo trailer here).

Lots of shots within… Joe’s brother doesn’t look like a very nice guy from what we see here. And I guess it’s safe to say the Vincent/Cat “VinCat” relationship shouldn’t be so out in the open just yet? What do you think? Leave some comments below.

Here are the screencaps. As always, please just link to KSiteTV rather than copying these images onto your own personal pages. Thanks!


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  1. This episode will probably change the tempo of the serie… looking forward to watching it…

  2. The show has not been given a fair chance. B and B is much better than the horrible reality tv shows on the air now. Not sure how much more of the Bachelor and Bachelorette, American Idol and the Amazing race a person can take.
    The last episode “Tough Love” has made an impact on the series and I for one am looking forward to seeing where and how the relationship will develop between Kat and Vince. It would not be fair to cancel yet, a S2 is a most.

    BUT if CW / CBS decide to cancel, CLOSURE is a most for the series and B & B’s fans. I don’t want to be left hanging and I’, sure I see for all the fans..