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Beauty And The Beast Spoilers: “Redemption” Images & Description

The CW has released an official description and preview images for the February 17 episode of Beauty And The Beast, which is titled “Redemption”… and strangely, we still don’t have a synopsis for the February 10 episode.

"Redemption"Here’s the write-up, and if we get the other one, we’ll post that as soon as we get it:

VINCENT SEES WHAT HIS LIFE COULD HAVE BEEN  —  When some of Gabe’s (Sendhil Ramamurthy) acquaintances go missing, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) must come together to save them.  Vincent ends up returning to the hospital where he was an intern, allowing him to see what his life could have been.  Nina Lisandrello also stars.  Grant Harvey directed the episode written by John A. Norris (#214).

Want to see some pics? We’ve got some:

Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast -- “Redemption” -- Image Number BB214b_0331 – Pictured (L-R): Kristin Kreuk as Catherine and Jay Ryan as Vincent - Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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  1. I love love BATB vincat and their history .. I want the 3 season

  2. I love love BATB vincat and their history .. I want the 3 season

  3. Can’t wait for this ep! No Gabe pics make it so promising!

  4. en espérant que tout redevienne normal avant le hiatus pour nos deux héros qui sont magnifique j’adore VINCE/CATH pour toujours

  5. Thanks KSITE for always keeping me ahead of the action and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see the next episode. Love my BATB!

  6. I like Gabe, him getting his heart broken doesn’t make me happy, plus I don’t know why people who prefer Vincent need to hate Gabe. I guess some people are just hateful. I prefer Gabe, but don’t want Vincent to be hurt either. You don’t have to be hateful to one just cause you prefer the other. When they are both decent guys. Don’t get people’s need to always hate somebody. Nice world we live in!

  7. It looks like poor Gabe by the previews. I wish they didn’t have him get his heart broken on valentines day! I really like his character. And I really liked him with Cat. :(

  8. It’s gabe and Catherine valentines episode ! There thesis character of this show now and Vincent character is just a killing machine for the beast villain!!! I hope this writer will stop being arrogant a and liar to there audience w/c is a few who have watching ever since! Remember your season 3 is at bleak u still
    Have a few episode left after this haitus!!

  9. They managed to kill what little chemistry was left between Kristin and Jay in episode 13. Good job everyone! Vincent became a comedian overnight, rolling his eyes and looking constipated. Cat treated Vincent as her gay BFF. How did Vincent become her BFF? Wasn’t that Tess’s job? Who knows. Don’t ask. Why create tension when he can give her boyfriend advice.

    You know the writers are getting crap when the official ‘BATBwriters’ twitter spews out such gems as “People, even Beasts, need to date around before they end up with their one and only” before deleting them. LOL. Who is running that twit-tard show.

    Well, if Vincent actually dated someone on the show, I wouldn’t mind. We’re obviously not watching the same show, the writers and the viewers. This show is not only a mess on screen but even a bigger mess on twitter with Catherine Ashton describing Tori as being like Vincents sister. Yeah, okay, a sister who he f—ks on a regular basis. Okay then. Wasn’t their “curse” based on sexual attraction?

  10. I love that history so much. i really need a 3rd season. wake up 5:00 a.m. all mondays just to see it.

  11. but i agree that this Tori’s history was completely unecessary and disgosting. i think that if they don’t want to put them togeter soon, at least leave them alone and wondering to be 2gether like last season.
    i hate the way V betrayd Cat. He would have to come with a awasome explanation for me to like him again. Say to JT that he is still in love with her was not enough

  12. a quand CATH VINCE ensemble c’est trop long vie vite avant le stand-bay merci pour une saison 3

  13. Just remember that Vincent had no choice but to betray Cat, because at the time, the beast in him was being amplified by Tori’s presence. He knows he chose the wrong path and he loves Catherine but thinks he has lost her because of it. Don’t worry about the BFF thing. If you can’t have the relationship you want with someone, you WILL settle for being friends but love will find a way if it’s written in the stars.

    He is now trying to do the decent thing and not destroy her relationship with Gabe because he thinks he brings her nothing but trouble. Do you remember in season 1 when he said people push away the ones they love if they don’t feel worthy of them. This is how Vincent has always felt about Catherine. He relented last season because Catherine made him see that they belonged together and she would rather live a life in this chaos than live a boring life without him in it.

    Catherine and Gabe WILL split up but it will not be Vincent’s doing. Gabe will break up with her because he will realise she still loves Vincent and if he hadn’t taken her hostage and tried to kill Vincent, they’d be living happily in a small town outside Denver by now. He has a lot to answer for. I am surprised fans on this site are so quick to forgive Gabe but can’t forgive Vincent. He was kidnapped, drugged, experimented on and had his memory wiped. He was then reconditioned into a killing machine with no emotions or feelings. Don’t remember anyone doing that to Gabe. Despite this he has come back to his old self and is now capable of love, friendship, grief. Ease up on him people. Vincent HAS to end up being rewarded for his humanity in the face of all these problems and setbacks. Cat WILL be that reward.

  14. Alison, I totally agree with what your saying. I find season 2 so amazing that I sometimes watch the same episodes 6 times. I love the show and I am really hoping for a 3rd season.

  15. Alison, I agree with you too, and Gabe is not even admitting to all the bad things (murders) he did in S1. I hope that he will be exposed for killing that horse-carriage driver and the other one – Ray Shackman?? I look forward to Season 3, and to seeing Vincent back as a doctor of some sort??? so he will have his life back and feel really worthy of Catherine, although now I don’t feel that she deserves him…

  16. I really love cat and Gabe together! I wish the writers would allow us to see more passion kisses and stuff between them instead of the quick kisses and implications. I guess it’s because the want to keep it tamer because they intend to put back cat with Vincent. So disappointing for us Gabe fans, the show became so much better with him on it and his character!

  17. Gabe /Cat all the way !!! Vincent is nice again great, but Gabe is cooler hotter etc. cat would be crazzzy to let him go. Go Gabe !!!:)

  18. Gabe is a cold fish. After Vincent saved him he didn’t even thank him and now he wants to keep him and Catherine from being friends. How lame is that. He should butt out now as he knows deep in his heart that they belong together and he is just getting in the way. Tori knew it and Gabe knows it too. He’s a murderer and I for one don’t want to see any more intimacy between him and Cat.

    Sarab you are spot on about Cat. At the moment she’s the one who dosesn’t deserve Vincent. It’s not the first time she’s dragged him along to save one of her friends (remember Evan in the subway) without a thought to the consequences for Vincent. She didn’t say anything when JT mentioned the Jekyll and Hyde reference. It’s so not fair. One minute she berates him for being a beast, next minute it’s ‘I need you’ or ‘You’re the only one who can stop them’. She also didn’t seem to care about the poor guy dying in the hospital, so long as Gabe was saved from being reverted back into a beast. She shot someone without a second thought. Whose the one in danger of losing their humanity now then.

    Also, the comments of Bob Reynolds were right out of order. Who is he to look down on Vincent for being a beast when Vincent has more humanity in his little finger than Reynolds has in his whole body. It’s about time Cat stood up to him and told him so. She needs to stick up for Vincent. He is always there for HER.

    What do you think, Craig???