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Beauty and the Beast Spoilers: “Man Or Beast?” – Updated With Pics!

While a lot of CW shows aren’t on the week of November 25, Beauty and the Beast will be on and it will be new.

Man or Beast?The 11/25 episode is called “Man or Beast?” and here is how The CW describes it:

A DIFFICULT DECISION ALTERS CAT AND VINCENT’S RELATIONSHIP FOR GOOD — Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) find themselves at odds on how to deal with Agent Reynolds (guest star Ted Whittall), which forces Vincent to wonder if he is more beast than man.  Cat makes a drastic move that will forever change her relationship with Vincent.  Sendhil Ramamurthy and Nina Lisandrello also star.  Stuart Gillard directed the episode written by John A. Norris (#208).

The network has also now released some promotional images!

You can find the new shots from “Man or Beast?” below:


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Beauty and the Beast -- “Man or Beast?” -- Image Number: BB208a_0043.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jay Ryan as Vincent, Sendhil Ramamurthy as Gabe and Kristin Kreuk as Catherine -- Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW -- 2013 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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  1. What is with all these Gabe pics?? He is NOT the star of BATB ok?

  2. I hate this season. I’m on the verge of giving up. Vincent is a major gf abusing douche//tard/tool this season. He’s a tool in every sense of that word. Even in his flashbacks he’s a tool. At least Cat had a life, a job, a boss to answer to.. a sister, family function in season 1. This year, she has nothing. Doormat to that abuser Vincent.. Vincent, who’ll prolly be a bachelor for the good part of the season. Do the writers not realize this is Beauty and the Beast? Not Beauty and Manwhore.. I’m only watching for Sendhil right now. He is amazing and hilarious. Let him be the title beast. Whoever is writing for him should write for the rest of the cast.

    Please keep Even dead. I want to remember him as the sweet guy who protected Cat.

  3. Gabe needs to back off. Hook up with Tess.

  4. It’s obvious that beast side of Vincent will want to mate with the beast side of Tori. So Catherine will be Vincents second choice for 2 seasons in a row. Yay! Nevermind what the title of the show is called. Vincent needs to get his groove on each season? Really? Dumb! Love triangles generally involve 1 girl and 2 guys, not the other way around, stupid writers! Why make the title heroine the last option? Poor Vincat shippers.

  5. I don’t know why they keep posting promo pics of the Gabe character, he is not and never can be the star of the show.

    I don’t know what the writers are thinking, having Catheriine always verbally abusing Vincent for being an assassin, being sent and apparently unable to care for himself. She doesn’t want him at her window, needs to have “my own space” and questions his humanity constantly. Yet she calls other beasts “people” and follows Gabe around with his premeditated murder schemes and they are fine.

    Looks like they plan on a triangle for Catherine with the bumbling, lying, murderous Gabe.

  6. Mila, I don’t see Vincent with Tori. The poor thing can’t even work up an expression, can’t fake a tear, and that mewling gasp at her father’s death was pathetic.

    She is going to be very pitiful beast at best.

    JR controlled the entire scene and she faded into the background so badly it was like she was non existent. How could they make her a love interest? She couldn’t even make herself noticed.

  7. Oh Allison.. . Canadian viewers already know they kissed. Yep. It’s not a peck. Vincent/beast side wants Tori.
    Very likely, Vincent and Tori will have beastly sex. This whole season has been Vincents arc and it’s not a good one. Vincent throwing Cat on the roof is a major mistake by the writers. The fans are 99% women. What were they thinking?

    From what Ive read on online.. spoilers!!!! After tonight, Vincent will find out that her dad is his handler. Will obv try to kill him, Cat for whatever reason tries to stop V, shoots him and send him right back to the arms of Tori. I’m hoping this will be the clean break for Vincent and Cat no matter the show title. LOL. We’ll get to see Cat and some hot guy getting it on some point. Because lets face it, Kristin can make love scenes look magical with any guy! For me, they basically trashed Vs character. He’s not even hot this season.. rather his actions make him really ugly.

  8. I agree, I getting sick and tired of Vicent character. He is a man whore this season and I’d he get sexually involved with that ugly red head, I’m done with the show. Cat needs to hook up eith someone worthy and better looking than Vicent. How about the new guy that took over Evans job? I hated episode 7!

  9. I agree, I getting sick and tired of Vicent character. He is a man whore this season and If he gets sexually involved with that ugly red head, I’m done with the show. Cat needs to hook up with someone worthy and better looking than Vicent. How about the new guy that took over Evans job? I hated episode 7!

  10. LOL, writers are trolling fans on Twitter. Drama behind the show is better than the one on tv

    One of the writers tweeted this and deleted it. LOL

    Logan Kinsey ‏@batblogankinsey 29m
    VinCat, Tori and Vincent, or JT and Tess? Who was your favorite couple last night?

  11. Vincat fans should eject now. One of the writers on twitter said that Vincent and Cat ending up together, no matter what happens is epic love.

    Oh really? What if Vincent kills her bio dad? What if he preggers Tori. What if he throws Cat off the roof next time.. awww.. I guess that doesn’t matter, as long as Cat forgives him and they settle for each other at the end of the season. What? Clearly, she’s an epic fail as a writer. You can’t call this abusive/cheating/doormat relationship epic love. This season is a total fail…epic fail.

    If Bob would AUF all the beasts, including V, that would be just great. That would salvage this season! I’m rooting for BOB.. JIM BOB…Cowboy BeBop

  12. Don’t like the new Vincent and that kiss with the hot red head was way way too hot. He didn’t do that because he thought Cat was watching and trying to give her the cold shoulder, it looked like he couldn’t resist the hot red head. Cat should move on for now at least, until the real Vincent shows up.. whenever that will be. I don’t think this season is a fail, I think they had to be creative because where would they go with the story. Vincent and Catherine would continue making out, declaring love for each other while they play batman and batwoman… I doubt it.. that would be boring so its clear they had to try some new direction. I think its cool Cat get to explore with the boys and Vincent get to explore with the beastly girls. Haven’t we all got our hearts broken now and then, its life and s**t happens. Sometimes they come running back when we move on and most of us go back for more heart break. So hang in there as Vincent and Cat will be together in the end and Vincent… the real Vincent will come back in glory and declaring his undying love for his Cat. Stay tuned people and support the show as it mayl be cancelled. It is in the Yellow so we need to keep watching.

  13. i agree with most people I don’t like the character of Vincent
    anymore.Why retell the love story. There writers where is the
    imagination.You can’t fall in love with someone again for
    the first time.”If it’s not broken ,not fix it.”
    Last year was great,this season sucks.If Cat does have to end
    up with someone else then they should have kept Evan on
    the show.Because Gabe is out.No chemistry there.
    She and jay have no chemistry this season and it’s because of
    the way Vincent’s character is being written.The show will
    propable be canceled.But blame it on the writers.

  14. Hold on there folks! Don’t despair. Sometimes things have to get really bad before they start to get better. I know it looks bleak at the moment but I think in the second part of the season, Vincent and Catherine will start to come back together and their bond will be all the stronger because of all the trials and tribulations. In the first episode of Season 2, Catherine says to Vincent, “We are meant to be together. We don’t have any choice”. She tells him she believes it and despite everything, she still does. In the next episode (No.9), we’ll see her still worrying about him, no matter what she says about it being over and he has crossed a line. She just needs some proof that Vincent’s behaviour in ep8 can be explained. And it can. She’s already touched on it.

    It’s all down to Tori. She is the trigger for Vincent’s more extreme behaviour. He doesn’t seem to have had any new memories since he saved her from her father. The father had a strength which surprised Vincent because his strength was amplified by the presence of Tori too. Vincent got more bloodthirsty in that episode because both his and Windsor’s beastliness was increased by the presence of Tori. It’s her beastly power. Remember Windsor braking free from the titanium steel restraints as soon as Tori held his hand? Vincent ripped out his heart and said afterwards that he felt a surge of aggression and energy and he wished he knew what triggered it.

    In short, once Vincent realises he must keep away from Tori, the memories will begin to come back again and so will the chemistry with Cat. It won’t happen overnight as he saved Tori twice and has this inbuilt sence of responsibility towards her. But, he will realise the danger she poses and work out a way to deal with it.

    Don’t be so hard on Vincent Beasties. He has been to hell and back. He’s had his memory wiped and been brainwashed into thinking his only function is as a killing machine. It’s amazing there have been any tender moments between him and Cat but there have been some. Remember the 9/11 Monument scene and the one after the Reunion when he said he realised all she had done for him and how he would make it up to her. The kiss before he went into the burning building to save his nephew. It’s not been all bad.

    In a recent interview, Jay Ryan said that Cat is the key to Vincent regaining his humanity and once he realises this, it comes back quite quickly. Brad Kern’s interview also hints that the mythology of the original Beauty and the Beast story will come to the fore. In the original story the Beast has to find someone to love him as he is so that he can be freed from the curse that made him a beast. Cat is the cure. Her love will free him from the curse. This is their destiny.

  15. Bet u she will brake it off w V but will be there in the since if he’s in danger but other then that….

  16. If V end up with Tori I will be done with this show!