Beauty And The Beast Episode 6 “Worth” Full DescriptionBeauty And The Beast Episode 6 “Worth” Full Description
Full description for the Beauty and the Beast episode Worth Beauty And The Beast Episode 6 “Worth” Full Description

The CW has released a full spoiler description for the November 15 episode of Beauty And The Beast, which is titled “Worth.” Enjoy:

After she’s seemingly stood up by Vincent (Jay Ryan), Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) wonders if it’s because he saw her kissing Evan (Max Brown) at her birthday. Actually, Vincent mysteriously blacked out on his way to meet Catherine, and is now searching for answers. Catherine’s case pulls her into the sophisticated world of the SoHo art scene. When Vincent finds Catherine all dressed up to go to a gallery opening — with Evan — he has to admit that his feelings for her are growing deeper. All the while Evan makes his affections for Catherine known, leaving Catherine torn between the two very different suitors. Kevin Fair directed the episode written by Allison Moore (#106).

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