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Beauty and the Beast: “Catch Me If You Can” Images & Description

The CW has released a description and preview images for the March 3 episode of Beauty and the Beast. It’s called “Catch Me If You Can.”

"Catch Me If You Can"Here’s the write-up. The new images can be found below.

CAT AND VINCENT FIND THEMSELVES IN A COMPROMISING SITUATION — Feeling pulled between her current boyfriend and her ex, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) has to decide between Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Vincent (Jay Ryan).  While Cat and Vincent work together to save Sam’s (guest star Tom Everett Scott) latest victim, Cat’s decision gets complicated when she and Vincent find themselves in a compromising situation.  Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star.  Norma Bailey directed the episode written by Eric Tuchman (#215).


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Beauty and the Beast -- "Catch Me If You Can" -- Image Number BB215a_0085 Ð Pictured: Jay Ryan as Vincent Ñ Photo: Christos Kalohoridis/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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  1. “Compromising” hmmm, I will let my mind wander on this one. I am SO EXCITED!

  2. Cat will pick Vincent… i’m excited for this episode

  3. i hope that she will pick Vincent… because this season is full of surprises!! :P

  4. Well this is Gabe show so I’m pretty sure she will chose a 2 days relationship over the supposed love of her life. Why not? Since episode 1 Brad Kern has forced his favorite pet down our throats and made him the leading character on a show once called Beauty and the Beast : the Beast has been downgraded to insane stupid low levels , an insult to Jay Ryan talent , just to make Gabe boring character shine (I don’t see any other reason) the Beauty has been declined to a passive soap-opera heroine unable to stand alone for more than half an episode and whose brain can be easily manipulated by anyone , nothing more than a supporting character in her own show ,Tess is an eye-candy idiot , JT was totally ignored for most of the season . The individual journeys of the two main characters turned up to be just an appalling jumping bed competition which brought anything new in terms of depth or character development . Right now , Season 1 characters were stronger, deeper , charming and much more believable than these two miserable pair . Soo much potential thrown out of the window.

  5. Thought it appears the logical choice and where we are at right now, the choice hands down should be Vincent. I would really hope that we are done with the Gabe/Cat relationship as it has run its course and what the fans want at this point in VINCAT. Enough of the BS**time to get the show back to what it is suppose to be about and that is an epic love story. But, unfortunealty I don’t have much faith right now. I am sticking until the end, but I won’t be surprised, after the Valentine epic moment, was all about Gabe/Cat, if she choose Gabe and she is still with him at the end of 215. I so want to be wrong!

  6. BATB fans – Head over to TVLine for a BATB spoiler today about this episode. Should make people feel pretty hopeful.

  7. Yes there have been times where the writers and directors and powers that be frustrate the life out of the fans. But bear with them, allow them to develop the story line. I would rather have this show on my tv than all the others on offer

  8. Elizabeth 21, you read my mind! This show is no longer the Beauty and the Beast; it has basically become a soap opera. They have reduced Vincent and Catherine (Tess and JT too) to nothing – people who have no integrity/morals. The writers took 14 long episodes to butcher and ruin both Vincent and Cat’s characters and made them so unlikeable and they expect fans to continue to root for them after all that?! I no longer respect them; I don’t even like them, so I can no longer root for them. In fact, I can’t stand watching Vincent and Cat together on screen. This is just the result of those 14 long, dreadful episodes which butchered their characters.

    I still want to know why the writers felt they needed to cross so many lines and have both Vincent and Cat sleep with other people. It makes no sense to me. It all seemed so contrived, as though they had sex with others for the sake of having sex; it’s senseless. They implied that Tori and Vincent had sex on her last episode and they implied Cat and Gabe had sex on what was probably their last episode being a couple. So why? It’s one thing, having them CONSIDER moving on with others, but it’s another when they cross lines that can’t be ‘uncrossed’.

    This show had so much potential. It was a huge mistake hiring Brad Kern. He has completely disrespected and mocked the premise of the Beauty and the Beast. I would continue to support the show ONLY IF SEASON 2 IS COMPLETELY DONE OVER.

  9. I am so tired of seeing that creepy picture of Gabe and Cat. It seems everywhere I look that picture is there, doesn’t matter what episode it is. I am sorry but I have beared with the writers for almost 3/4 of the season and it is still the same old same old. Now it is these hurried story lines to get as much as possible in the episodes that just keep adding more and more questions and in the midst of it all are Gabe and Cat. Is there any single thing that has disappointed or disgusted the fans more than that? And the writers knew that the fans were feeling that and still insisted on continuing that story line. Let the writer’s tell the story? We have done that for 14 episodes and now we have two before we get a three month wait for the rest of the story. Now people are even worried that Vincent and Cat aren’t even going to get together before the hiatus because we keep being told one thing and then the other happens. It really doesn’t warrant much hope for the show when many fans don’t even have faith in the basis of the show anymore.

  10. how complicated can Cat’s decision be? Is she actually in love with Gabe now? Are we waiting until 216 to see the end of Gabe and Cat? Is there anyone out there who at this point is not getting tired of this dance and want it to just end and have them back together. Are we really reduced to having to read hope in every line or look we see. That is an epic romance? I must be reading the wrong fairy tale!

  11. Elizabeth21,THANK YOU THANK YOU,you said exactly what I have been thinking and probabely 80% of the remaining fans whole this season.This completely idiot brainless brad kern with other worthless producers&writers have completely ruined this show and butchered the vin/cat-romance.The crappy valentine-romance was about the new weak-minded cat together with that slimy creepy gabe.And now she feels pulled between vincent and gabe?????Let’s not even mention the word “epic”.These useless producers&writers don’t even know what the word “love” means.

  12. I know I’m really hateful when it comes to the producers&writers of this show but this is what I really feel .This show had so much potential and they just ruined it with kern’s totally stupid “vision for 5 years”
    Jah 5 years….sure or as people are saying on all forums,maybe kern&co had got paid to make sure that the show get cancelled.But even jennifer levin and sherri cooper have indeed betrayed the fans.I don’t know how much influence they have on the show right now but levin had the nerves of comming and saying that “she and cooper went all for romance in the valentine-episode”.And of course the way they had destroyed vin/cat-romance,we did NOT expect any vincat-kisses nor any love-declaration to each other,but we wanted to see them longing after each other,missing each other,showing just with their looking at one another how they really need each other.BUT NOP…what they show us are some crappy disgusting cat/gabe- kisses/saliva-exchanges…and all of the sudden vincent has become a “friend and a matchmaker” for cat?????And I just say:cooper& levin..shame shame shame on you..that you just let this show get destroyed by kern and you didn’t do anything to stop it.And yes sylvia I’m also soooo tired of seeing that crappy picture of cat/gabe which must be kern’s favorite picture.

  13. Levin and Cooper just care about business and audience as any other producer working for a Tv network . Their subjective feelings , or fans feelings, are of no importance . It is all about money. Evenso I’m pretty sure they have been kicked out by Brad Kern who is the new show runner and can do whatever he wants . He wants Gabe to be the Hero . Period. Anybody else is a useful idiot. Like Batb fans .

  14. What was once a beautiful show is now literally a piece of crappola. Even when they do come back 2gether it’ll never have that magic agn. I honestly want 2 see Kristin and Jay’s talents utilized in more worthy endeavors. These writers do not deserve a third season. They have literally put their devoted fans thru agony with no real justifiable rewards. I will cherish S1 4 the rest of my days. They couldn’t pay me 2 purchase the great fiasco of S2!

  15. so disappointed

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the last 6 episodes got shelved w/o warning ~ never to be seen. Wouldn’t that b icing on a cake of epic catastrophe? Fans would b left with a season of unnecessary torture and a unresolved cliffhanger. Call it poetic non~justice.

  16. so disappointed

    By the way do we even like Vincent and Catherine any more. I don’t even know who they r anymore. Guess what? They don’t have a clue either!

  17. you are right this show turned to a crap soap oprah and they turned Gabe to the lead male character in it ! there for i have no hope or faith at all now ! , i don’t know why they do that to the fans ? if they like Gabe that much give him the lead role in a show of his own but don’t make him ruin a show called ( Beauty and the Beast ) ?! and it seems that not only Mr. Kern is the one who insets on forced Gabe and gabrine on us ? but also this site ? i mean you have 6 photos for the episode but you choose the one with Gabe in it to put it in front ?! and when you had only the e15 describe you used a a painful photo to the fans for gabrine from e13 , the same photo you used for e13 photos although you had others ?! why are you insist on torture the fans with Gabe and Gabrine’s photos ? can’t you just use photos for vincat ? me as one of the fans would really appreciate it !
    and for Mr. Kern you already did what you want , ruin the magic of an epic vincat’s love and the fairy tale and forced Gabe on us for the whole 14 episodes , now we only have 8 episodes left could be the end of the whole show , so can we please have our ( beauty and the beast ) back ?! please just has some respect for the faithful fans and give them what they want , it may even work with the rating , you try what you want and it failed a big time , so why doesn’t you now try what the fans want ?!!

  18. Kristin Kreuk signed on to this role because she believed in Jen and Sherri’s vision and because Catherine Chandler was a strong female role model. The original vision is gone and Catherine Chandler is flaky, weak, confused & obvious worthless w/o a man in her life.
    Who’s the lead character in this show again? I’d say the TPTB have reneged on the original deal they made with Ms Kristin Kreuk. And frankly she deserves better. And when this show ends that’s what she will get.

  19. To TPTB: Stop force feeding us crap we keep telling u we don’t want to see along with these photos we don’t want to see as well! You have no idea how you’ve wounded this fandom and don’t seem to care! If your loved one was with another would you want to keep seeing photos of he/she with that other person? That how #Beasties feel abt VinCat. Tori is finally out of r faces now you keep shoving Gabe in it. You have turned this show and these once beautiful characters into a joke.

  20. Kristin and Jay r starting to show the wear and tear on their faces as well. Jay looks like he’s aged 5 yrs in 1 yr and KK looks tired and run down. I’ll be glad when this burden is lifted off of both of them. They r 2 good people who were dished this disaster and have tried tirelessly to make the most out of bad writing and adolescent storylines.

  21. Ok, before beasties ask for S3 can you PLEASE ASK yourself first what you want S3 to be really about. From what I see throughout twitter, fans really replay S1 over and over and over and over again and any glimpse of familiarity to S1 in S2 is what they respond to the most.
    No, I am not interested in BK’s Who Are We? We know the leads are our heroes who save other people. That is their purpose. Fitting in love and all of it’s challenges is enough. How does one KEEP epic love after time and human follies come to play? Can I see what Happily ever after really looks and feels like ? Vincent coming back to the hospital will give a sense of balance. But I would like to hear straight from developers, writers and cast if that is not really what they think is the heart of it.

  22. I agree with Serena on the last two paragraphs (except re> hiring Brad.. i do not know the man). I grew up watching the orig BB. You can feel the respect bet the two and how Catherine (old BB version) really took care of her relationship with V (old version).

    I watched the Season 1, i love it!!!!!
    I wish we can still have S3.

  23. It is pretty funny or not so funny that so many fans are now asking for Season 1 back when at the start of the year it was this is season 2 and forget about season 1! How ridiculous is that as if they are two different shows! I will never understand why the showrunner thought the show needed to be re-vamped. Why did the love need to be tested the way it was this season. They had a strong love story in season 1. It was tested all the time after they got together and before and they were strong characters, as were JT and Tess. The talent in showrunning and writing for a show like this is how do we keep that love pure and how do we continue the show. All of what has happened this year could have been done with them still together and trying to figure out how to make their relationship work with Vincent changed. All the season has really done is rip apart the characters to build them up to be the SAME people they were in season 1 and in the process they ripped apart the fandom and put fans against each other, because not all of us were buying into the revamping of season 2. And most was to do with the wanting to bring in a male demographic which clearly did not happen. I respect everyone’s opinion but in my book season 1 had all the elements of a good romance; not sappy, lots of drama, intrigue, humour, action and romance that was not in our face all the time! That is what made us all want a season 2 and I agree that what has happened this year totally disrespected what the fans fought for.
    There have been many good things in season 2, but the destruction of the epic love to build it back up was not one of them, in my opinion. How can love be epic if it can be destroyed to the point where the lovers are with two different people for a large part of the season? I think the writers and showrunner knew early on, the season was not catching on. You can look at the ratings and say it was Monday night, but when you put the ratings with the comments it tells the tru story and the comments started after episode 2 and got bigger and bigger every episode as the viewers went down, so there was lots of time to change the direction and plot the right course. But that didn’t happen and the only reason anything has changed is because the NETWORK made that decision for them. Now some of what we are seeing, still doesn’t make sense-Cat with Gabe when she should be figuring out who she is-Vincent pushing Cat to be with Gabe who tried to kill him? If Cat things Vincent can’t change, why would she think Gabe can just cause he is not a beast. Whatever happens with the show, I just hope we get some resolution and closure for all the characters.

  24. I wonder if we will be lucky enough to see another bed scene with Gabe and Cat. Doesn’t sound from recent spoilers etc that we will see the last of Gabe and Cat in this episode either. Oh joy another disappointment.

  25. i agree some of the comment.. and catherine choose gabe but she also like vimcent w/c leads to a reunite between vincnet and cat ..wait so what happen to the main character Gabe? is he gonna be back as a bad guy beacuase of this situation .. good job brad kern i think this show will not be renew anymore. your to late for the renewal of s3. bring back tori from the dead so that gabe and her will kill catherine and vincent!!!