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Beauty And The Beast #2.9 Images: “Don’t Die On Me”

The CW has released some images from the January 13 episode of Beauty and the Beast, and we have them to share with you!

Don't Die on MeThe episode is called “Don’t Die On Me” and here is how The CW describes it:

CAT AND VINCENT’S RELATIONSHIP IS IN DIRE CONDITION – In order to prevent Vincent (Jay Ryan) from further injuries, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) helps protect Tori (guest star Amber Skye Noyes) when her life is threatened, revealing a new, unexpected mystery. Meanwhile, Vincent’s stubborn attempt to intervene leads to life-changing consequences, which causes Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Cat to grow closer. Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Eric Tuchman (#209).

Here are those pics:


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Beauty and the Beast -- "Don't Die on Me" -- Image Number: BB209a_0052.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Amber Skye Noyes as Tori and Jay Ryan as Vincent -- Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW -- 2013 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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  1. Vincent and Victoria

    If only they would reboot this show by killing everyone except Vincent & Victoria, I would almost watch it. Catherine, you are so yesterdays news! CW riding this show all the way to the bottom of the barrel.
    EPIC LOVE! You guys will love this episode!

  2. I don’t know if its the writers/execs intent but, I really hope Vincent & Catherine are broken up ‘for good’ this time. I don’t think I can handle anymore of this weird, awkward, pseudo relationship they have been in since season 2 began. I haven’t seen any bond, connection, or love between them…maybe just lust. It has become increasingly uncomfortable to see Catherine continually get hurt and embarrass herself and to see Vincent 2.0 be hounded by Cat and forced into a relationship he clearly is not ready for. Something is not right when BOTH lead characters have become rather unlikable and nothing to root about. I really liked the show’s 1st season ‘a lot’ and I love all of the actors so I hope things change…or at least I hope this show gets a proper resolution since its looking more than likely this will be its final season.

  3. I realy hope that the writers know what they do… The Fandmon don’t wanna see anymore Cat crying…. We can imagine with this photo that Vin could have a relation or something with Tori but in fact it’s backwards. I realy hope not to see another kiss between Vin and Tori…. Btw I’m so extited to get Jan 13 and see this episode!!!

  4. Thank you, Thank you!! Ksitetv, you’re the greatest! You’ve given us the first pictures, again!!
    What a great way to start the New Year.

  5. Let’s just have dumb ass beast choose the floozy who he knows less abt than Cat. And have Cat give V the finger & move on to a better life! And JT, Tess, and Gabe basically won’t be missed b/c they don’t really exist b/y beast storyline now anyway. Nobody exist beyond beast storyline anymore! Now take your colossal mess up off the air!

  6. There are aspects of season 2 that I do like. The action scenes and special effects are definitely better, and I like the edgier more focused Vincent as opposed to the wussy insecure Vin he had become by the end of season 1. What i don’t like is the direction Vin/Cat are going in. Who in the world came up with the thought that love “has to be earned”. Love may have it’s problems but it’s something you work out together. Right now it’s us, against each other. What happened to “it’s us against the world”. As much as I love this show (and i still do) I’m more interested in a JT/Tess story line. I don’t think I’ll be truly happy again unless Vincent has to kill Tori (no offense meant to the actress) they’ve destroyed the myth (Love overcoming…) I’m torn btwn them going their separate ways.

  7. I’m still just as invested. As a writer, and long time TV-watcher (I’m 36), I get most of the choices of this season. I also get why the fanbase is unhappy since they want romance. There is definitely a different tone with the new showrunner this season. I don’t know why there was a change in command.

    As far as ratings go, Monday night is INTENSE. I think DVR/streaming numbers are probably good for the show this season, but live numbers are going to be hurt by going up against the 9pm Monday competition. For one thing, Sleepy Hollow, which got to start the season in September and hook people long before the CW started theirs. I don’t think it was a good decision to delay all shows until October again.

    I absolutely feel for Catherine, and Vincent, too. It’s not his fault he was kidnapped and had his memories erased. I don’t think he has all of his memories back of his whole life still, or he’d be closer to the old Vincent by now. But, it’s an interesting character study, like with how someone changes from PTSD or a head injury or other traumatic events. Or amnesia. We’re the sum of both DNA and experiences/lessons, and it’s interesting to examine how a character is the same or different without their memories, their previous identity.

    It’s also good to remember that Vincent is more than human. He has DNA of various predators in him, too, and that’s going to give him instincts and feelings beyond the human intellect. Imagine being driven by biology that you know, can feel, isn’t human. How scary and confusing.

    Catherine’s done her best under the circumstances. I want to give her hugs.

  8. Live ratings and DVR live7 ratings are both awful. I’m certain the web ratings are atrocious as well. There’s no reason to tune in if you love vincat. This is why the show is going on hiatus. CW will see if they can salvage that Monday night spot with new shows next year.

    All the grievances spilled on ‘state of vincat’ thread are pretty much on the spot.

  9. Well, Shelly, the show came back to lower ratings on Monday night in the first place before anyone knew how the season would go, too. It was a bad move by the CW in the first place.

  10. Vincent come back without memory was a radical change – I think would not needed this. Cat’s father transformed the lives of Vincent – the writers could have worked only with this obstacle.
    I would not want to seeing Catherine and Vincent romantically involved with other people – it would was very sad.

    At least if we could see some dort of “romantic action” between Cat and Gabe, I’d be quiet. But nooo! Last season Vincent and Alex were nearly to have sex. And now AGAIN with this stupid Tori?????
    And why in the earth Cat is with the same face, the same ugly clothes and the same temper…..????
    Dude…..I don’t know….I really expected more from the authors.

  12. I’m with you Shelly, but it seems a lot of people don’t understand the story line. It’s too bad too because it’s a deep and intelligent series. I love the show and will totally ride it out. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the CW just might renew it for a 3rd season. There’s so much more we need to learn about the characters and where this is all going to end. Just too bad that the fans don’t seem invested in this particular type of story and only like the stupid stuff that goes on in TVD, Arrow, Reign and The Originals. That’s what they’re sold on and I’m sure they’re going to love the new series they’re going to be replacing BatB with (Star-Crossed). Sounds like another stupid unintelligent show that will get rave reviews I’m sure.

  13. I think the reason they make the hotter scenes for Jay Ryan is because this show is and always will be a female oriented show and I would rather see Jay Ryan sweaty and sexy than anyone else, though Sendhil is pretty hot too! And let’s not forget Austin!

  14. Can’t wait for January 13. Do it looks like JT has lost weight? He looks good, but then again I have always loved JT, the way he is always on Vincents side. They have a great friendship.

  15. I am reading saveeachother, but the one saveeachother that I signed under I can’t get back too, I tried signing in the one I am reading but it won’t let me get in. IF am signed under the name catfriend, can someone help me.

  16. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I can’t believe all these horrible comments…truly sad. Vincent and Catherine are BEAUTIFUL together! The chemistry between Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk is ON POINT! Thank you CW!

  17. Ew can you guys support these other relationships. Im here for Vincent and Cat. YOU ALL DISCUST ME.

  18. I am just wondering what you mean by You ALL Disgust Me Katie? Not trying to start anything but was unsure as to what you meant by that.

  19. Carla krae, they knew the show would get bad ratings. They were counting on people to tune in via DVR live 7 ratings, iTunes/amazon sales, web ratings etc. Those things aren’t simply there this season.