This Year’s Arrowverse Crossover Event Is Elseworlds This Year’s Arrowverse Crossover Event Is Elseworlds
"Elseworlds" is the title of the 2018 Arrowverse crossover. This Year’s Arrowverse Crossover Event Is Elseworlds

The CW has announced the concept for this year’s Arrowverse/DC TV crossover event… and the title is “Elseworlds.”

Fans of DC Comics know Elseworlds as an imprint with alternate takes on known characters. Batman met Jack the Ripper in Gotham by Gaslight, for example; in another, Kal-El’s ship was found by the Waynes in Speeding Bullets.

The revelation of this title brings up a whole lot of speculation as to what it might be. Perhaps we’ll be seeing completely different takes on known characters? Maybe Batwoman’s world is one of those different places? Could this also be a way for Oliver Queen to participate even though he might still be in prison — could it be a different Green Arrow?

Surely more will be known between now and December when the crossover airs. The crossover begins with

In addition to Ruby Rose as Batwoman, Tyler Hoechlin will be returning as Superman for the first time since Supergirl Season 2, and this time, he’ll have Lois Lane with him. She will be played by Elizabeth Tulloch. Cassandra Jean Amell will be appearing as Nora Fries, wife of Mister Freeze.

For now, enjoy the poster art that The CW just released!

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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  • Jordan Valdes

    Sep 26, 2018 #1 Author

    Very cool ! I’m so curious about what this could entail! Based on Batwoman, Superman, Lois Lane, and Dr. John Deegan’s involvement, I had begun to think that the crossover would be primarily set on Earth-38 in Gotham City (which is where I suspect Batwoman will be revealed to be from)! Now I’m starting to think this could be more of a multiverse-wide adventure than just involving Earth-1 and Earth-38! I’m now starting to wonder if perhaps Batwoman is from an Earth we haven’t seen yet and that the “Elseworlds” title refers to the fact that on her Earth, she is the primary Bat-hero rather than Batman, which will contrast with Earth-38 and the traditional mythology.

  • SVilleGal03

    Sep 26, 2018 #2 Author

    If you look just above the Arrow logo, about dead center on the poster, you can see Wayne Tower.

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