Batwoman: Meagan Tandy & Caroline Dries Preview “Tell Me The Truth” Batwoman: Meagan Tandy & Caroline Dries Preview “Tell Me The Truth”
Interview with Executive Producer Caroline Dries and actor Meagan Tandy about the Batwoman episode "Tell Me The Truth" Batwoman: Meagan Tandy & Caroline Dries Preview “Tell Me The Truth”

Certain aspects of the relationship between Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) and Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) come to a head in tonight’s (November 17) new episode of Batwoman, and KSiteTV was one of several who were able to speak with Tandy and Executive Producer Caroline Dries to offer some hints as to what is coming with the episode which is called “To Tell The Truth.”

“You will be getting some wonderful meat and backstory for Sophie,” Tandy teased about tonight’s installment. “You’re going to see just a little glimpse of why she made the choice that she made back in military school to say, ‘hey, Kate, I have to go and do this. You go and do that.’ And then Alfred’s daughter is going to be also coming on to this episode and so you guys will see how they initially met, and how Sophie had something to do with it, because of their breakup from military school.”

Beyond the Kate/Sophie interaction, Alice is up to more of her “strange and devious plans,” Dries teased. Having seen the episode, the Alice/Mouse scenes are fun, but the Kate/Sophie story and flashbacks are the main factor in tonight’s show.

“What attracted me to this property is that that she’s a lesbian who’s a superhero, and so I want to keep the fact that she’s a lesbian part of the fabric of the show, so she’s going to continue to try to have a personal life outside of her superhero-ness or within being a superhero,” Dries explained. “She’s a person who falls in love. She’s a human being. So that is definitely going to continue to be a conflict. And also one of the things we’re going to explore is this idea that she is gay woman who’s always been comfortable being gay, it’s never been an issue, and now she’s literally changing her identity.”

She also teased another interesting wrench will be headed Batwoman’s way. “Gotham is assuming that she’s straight, and that’s going to be something that starts to occur, “she said.

For Tandy, it is beneficial that the Kate and Sophie scenes work, even though the actresses never did have a chemistry test. “We did not get a chemistry test which is actually very interesting because it honestly has been like so perfectly spot on. We booked these roles [and] you just never know,” she said.

“Of course, I was a little nervous. I was like ‘I hope she likes me’ and literally like from day one, it was just like an instant magnet. It’s been really, really nice,” Meagan continued.

Batwoman “To Tell The Truth” airs tonight (November 17) at 8PM ET/PT on The CW. You can see a trailer and preview clip below, and if you’d like to see some pictures from the episode, visit!


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