Batwoman Breakdowns Imply Luke Fox, Alice, Renee Montoya & More Batwoman Breakdowns Imply Luke Fox, Alice, Renee Montoya & More
Batwoman character breakdowns imply characters such as Luke Fox, Renee Montoya, and Flamebird could be a part of the upcoming CW series Batwoman Breakdowns Imply Luke Fox, Alice, Renee Montoya & More

That Hashtag Show has uncovered casting breakdowns for the Batwoman project spinning off from this year’s DC TV “Elseworlds” crossover that airs December 9 through 11. Coming from writer Caroline Dries (Smallville, The Vampire Diaries), Batwoman would focus on the Kate Kane character that was introduced in DC Comics’ 52 series.

What other characters might we see in the project?

Here’s what THS has listed:

“Joseph” — Probably actually Kate’s father Col. Jacob Kane, no relation to the “Jake Kane” from Veronica Mars. They’re casting a Caucasian male in his late 40s to mid-50s; the character is described as “a former high ranking military Colonel, who instead of grieving the terrible loss of his wife and one of his daughters, formed his own army in order to make sure no one else has to ever go through the tragedy he had to experience.” The character also leads “The Crows, “a private security and logistics firm in Gotham City. He is extremely tough and political, but he has one weakness that makes him soften up: his daughter.

“Alexa” — 27-year-old Caucasian and “Batwoman’s personal Joker.” Most likely a code name for Kate’s sister Elizabeth a.k.a. “Alice,” “Alexa” has experienced a lot of trauma in her years, causing her to separate herself from reality and live in a fantastical world where she wears Victorian attire. She’s a “charming lunatic” who goes from being psychotic to being caring instantly, which makes her unreliability a dangerous weapon. Elizabeth was thought to be dead by Kate and her father for many years.

“Sloane” — Latina in her late 20s to early 30s; sounds very much like a code name for “Renee Montoya.” Brought up in a tight-knit family, this character is feisty, charming and has incredible fighting abilities, with experience as a soldier. She is one of the Crows’ best agents and always goes by the book. She’s married, but is hiding a deep secret from her husband — she was once in love with Kate Kane.

“Landon” — With this character coming from a legacy that provided Batman with his wonderful toys, it’s probably not a stretch that this is actually Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox with the alter ego of Batwing in the comics. He’s brilliant with teach, but not so good with social skills. The breakdown for this character also mentions that Wayne Enterprises has been abandoned. With the Dark Knight missing, he understands Gotham’s need to be a new hero… which makes us wonder if he’ll suit up as Batwing himself.

“Meredith” — Early 20s, open ethnicity, though they’d prefer Asian of Latin actresses. She has a lovely and heavy demeanor, which makes it easy to view her as an amateurish airhead. She’s said to be very compassionate, especially toward the people the city has forgoten, and she’s also intelligent. THS suspects this might be Kate’s cousin Bette Kane aka “Flamebird,” who in the comics was the original Bat-Girl, especially since the casting breakdown mentions “a secret life of her own.”

“Charlotte” — Late 40s to early 50s, THS describes her as a knowledgeable, fashionable, and motivated woman, who comes from wealth built from an empire of dealing arms. She uses this money with the intent on making Gotham a more secure and safe place due to the aid of her husband’s paramilitary business. She’s the mother of “Meredith” who may be Bette. No speculation yet on who she should be.

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