Awake Episode 6 “That’s Not My Penguin” DescriptionAwake Episode 6 “That’s Not My Penguin” Description
Description for the That's Not My Penguin episode of NBC's Awake Awake Episode 6 “That’s Not My Penguin” Description

What a title! NBC has released their official spoiler description for the April 5 episode of Awake, which is titled “That’s Not My Penguin.”

HAPPY SLEEP — BILLY LUSH (‘THE CHICAGO CODE’) GUEST STARS — While working a hostage situation with Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama), Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) unexpectedly finds himself collaborating with Dr. Lee (BD Wong). In an effort to calm down Gabriel Wyath (guest atar Billy Lush) — a patient who has threatened to blow up a mental hospital — Britten is compromised, and the effects follow him into his other reality. Meanwhile, Rex (Dylan Minnette) introduces his girlfriend, Emma (Daniela Bobadilla), to his dad and Bird (Steve Harris) shows concern over Britten’s lack of focus due to his sleepless nights. Laura Allen and Cherry Jones also star.

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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