At Home with Amy Sedaris Preview: “Making Love” At Home with Amy Sedaris Preview: “Making Love”
On the next episode of At Home with Amy Sedaris, Amy dedicates her show to love-making and shares tales of romance courtesy of Patty... At Home with Amy Sedaris Preview: “Making Love”

While At Home with Amy Sedaris has provided numerous pieces of advice when it comes to food, crafts, and hosting, they tend to be in service of a broader construct. The hit TV series tends to make the point that issues like handling grief or finding yourself pinching pennies can be aided by thoughtful, direct hospitality tips, fully decorated with one’s own personal spin; the world of hospitality is something that infiltrates daily life in unexpected ways, so there’s never a problem that can’t be solved by looking at it through the lens of a good hostess. But can Amy, in all her infinite wisdom, really provide guidance in the carnal arts?

On the next episode of At Home with Amy Sedaris, Amy dedicates an episode to the time honored art of making love, something that one wouldn’t think fell within the purview of a hospitality show. However, Amy looks at making love as a craft that one can perfect over time, a project that can vary each time you do it, and goes about learning the joys (and attractive qualities) of a natural musk before indulging in tales of romance directly from the mouth of Patty Hogg. Ever the concerned hostess, Amy then tops her episode off with a step by step demonstration of the craft of making love, all to ensure that her audience can effectively practice their craft in their own time while knowing the ins and outs of the horizontal in and out. 

At Home with Amy Sedaris airs Tuesdays at 10:30 on truTV.

How do you think Amy will connect making love to the world of hospitality? Do you like when the show is more exploratory when it comes to subject matter? What type of episode would you like to see next?

Shilo Adams

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