Gary Senior: Interview With Legends of Tomorrow’s “Gary Green” Adam Tsekhman Gary Senior: Interview With Legends of Tomorrow’s “Gary Green” Adam Tsekhman
Interview with DC's Legends of Tomorrow actor Adam Tsekhman about his character Gary Green and the episode "Ship Broken" Gary Senior: Interview With Legends of Tomorrow’s “Gary Green” Adam Tsekhman

Adam Tsekhman made an unforgettable first appearance on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with the show’s Season 3 premiere “Aruba-Con,” and since then, his character “Gary Green” has become a fan favorite and one of the show’s most frequently seen supporting characters. Gary plays an important role on tonight’s (May 5) episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which made it a perfect time to speak with Adam about what to expect from this installment which is called “Ship Broken.”

The series airs on The CW after The Flash and you can read our interview below; promotional photos from “Ship Broken” can be found here.

KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: The CW has been very vague about what the episode “Ship Broken” is even about. For those who haven’t seen it, what are you allowed to say?

ADAM TSEKHMAN: The Legends have now collected all three of the rings that will help them get the Loom of Fate and potentially be able Behrad and Astra’s mother. Now what they’re able to do with those rings is a different question, Craig, which I guess I can’t talk about.

Is there anyone or anything that Gary would bring back himself if he had access to the Loom of Fate?

That’s a good question. Maybe Gary has like a sort of a toughness coach. I could see, like, when he was a kid, maybe he took Taekwondo classes or something and never really finished them because whoever was teaching him disappeared for whatever reason, so maybe he would like to bring him back.

This episode introduces a new friend for Gary. Can you talk about that?

Gary Jr. is an adorable jack Russell Terrier that Gary has has adopted to help him cope with the difficulties of life, which I think we can all identify with right now.

What do the other Legends think of Gary Jr. at first?

They find him annoying, and a hassle, kind of like anybody that gets a new puppy in their house. The dog is not house trained, and is not “ship broken.”

Was the mood on set different when you all had a dog to play with?

Oh, yeah. It was fantastic. Everybody loves the dog. Fortunately for me, I’m obsessed with dogs, so we got along famously. The dog trainer was kind of enjoying the fact that she didn’t have to take care of her. Gary Jr. is actually a girl and her name is I think her name is Felicia, I’m not mistaken. I would just be hanging out with Felicia in between takes and not really give her back to the trainer.

Why do you think the Legends have kept Gary around all this time?

I think Gary is eager to help, and he does have some skills to help now, thanks to his relationship with John. He’s learned some magical warlockian spells, and as we learned in the previous episode, he was able to take them to Hell, thanks to John’s mentorship.

But now, I think they grudgingly tolerate him but recognize that his heart is in the right place.

And how does Gary feel about the notion that it seems like everyone he has gotten close to all seem to have new love interests?

Gary has trained all his life for that. That’s just that’s just par for the course for Gary, but he tries to keep a positive outlook and hope that maybe things will turn his way. In general, he’s optimistic but I think that he recognizes that that those love interests can be temporary and can come back to him.

We saw in one of the recent trailers that Legends is soon to do their take on Star Trek. What TV show do you think Gary would most enjoy being part of?

Maybe Curb Your Enthusiasm.

How does it make you feel to see people doing Gary Green cosplay at conventions?

It’s amazing. It’s fantastic. I wish Gary had a slightly more challenging costume for them to do [beyond] a suit and tie, but it’s very humbling. I’m very grateful to be in a position where fans have shown some appreciation for Gary. It’s a lovely thing.

Is there a setting or a place that the show has gone and taken Gary that you would like to return to someday on the show?

Not a place that Gary has gone to, but a place that Gary would like to go. Gary always kind of gets left out; not able to join the gang in whatever. It’s rare that he’s time traveled.

So I think instead of where he would like to go back, he would just like to join them for one of their fun adventures in a different time period.

What we can look forward to in the rest of Season 5?

A big fight for a better world, and a glimpse into what society could be if it is unchecked.

What would your hopes be for Legends of Tomorrow Season 6?

It would be kind of interesting if Gary had some sort of superhero ability. Whether it’s useful or not, I think it would be fun.

Do you have anything else to say to the fans who are gonna be reading this who might be stuck at home at this time, who just want some inspiration from the man who plays Gary Green?

Watch Legends of Tomorrow on a loop for the rest of quarantine and you will be smiling and joyous and happy.

Check out a new episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow tonight at 9PM ET/PT on The CW. Photos from “Ship Broken” can be found here.


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