Wonder Woman To [Possibly] Get Another Chance… At The CW? Wonder Woman To [Possibly] Get Another Chance… At The CW?
Vulture is reporting that another Wonder Woman project may be in the works. Wonder Woman To [Possibly] Get Another Chance… At The CW?

Wonder Woman might get another shot at television, and it might happen with creative people and a network that should have been behind it in the first place.

Vulture’s Josef Adalian is reporting that writer Allan Heinberg, whose TV credits include The O.C. and comic book credits include Young Avengers and Wonder Woman, is developing a script for The CW with the working title Amazon. The Vulture piece insists that “no pilot production has been greenlit or even contractually guaranteed.” As described, it sounds like Amazon would take the Smallville route, where Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is a young crimefighter and not yet the icon that she will someday become.

Scripts are often created for projects that never go beyond that stage. The CW itself had an adaptation of DC Comics’ Deadman by Eric Kripke last year, and not much more has been said since. A Robin project, The Graysons, didn’t get very far; and back with The WB, a new Flash TV series was proposed back in 2003 that died somewhere in the scripting process.

Stay tuned for more details when and if they become available… and hopefully they will. Maybe WonderWomanTV.com will have an excuse to still exist, after all!

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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