Wonder Woman Enters The World Of Smallville Season 11Wonder Woman Enters The World Of Smallville Season 11
Wonder Woman will be a part of the next story arc for Smallville Season 11. Wonder Woman Enters The World Of Smallville Season 11

Amazon the TV series didn’t happen, but the Clark Kent of Smallville will finally be meeting Diana, aka Wonder Woman, in the Smallville Season 11 comic book series from DC Comics in August.

MTV Geek broke the news today in an interview with writer Bryan Q. Miller, who confirms that “Diana of Themyscira. Daughter of Queen Hippolyta. Amazon Princess” will be coming to the series with the next arc. It hits print August 16, which implies to us that the story itself will actually begin digitally in July.

“When we first meet Diana, she isn’t being called ‘Wonder Woman’ just yet. She’s got a very specific mission. There’s a very big reason that she left the island, which we’ll eventually cover. Does she have the bracelets? Oh, yes. Like you see on the cover. And pants, of course. Regarding the rest of her ‘traditional’ look – something tells me she might find her way to a lasso and some armor by the time all is said and done!” Miller told the site.

You can read Bryan Q. Miller’s complete interview with MTV Geek here.

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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