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The CW’s Wonder Woman Project Is Seeking An Amazon

Things had been pretty quiet for a while now when it came to news about The CW’s Wonder Woman-based project in development, Amazon. With a Justice League film coming up, it seemed that the chances to see the character on television were becoming even slimmer.

Now, chances for the Allan Heinberg-written project seem to be improving, as today comes news (initially via EW.com) that casting directors are at least looking for an Amazon of at least 5’8″ in height to fill the iconic role. This does not necessarily mean that the studio (Warner Bros.) and the network are moving forward and shooting a pilot; but if the right casting comes through, who knows what will come.

You can read more about what is being looked for at our Wonder Woman/Amazon portal, WonderWomanTV.


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  1. Michael J. Petty

    Just cast whats-her-name who did NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot to play her again. I really thought she could make a good Diana, plus, I just recently saw the new Red Dawn and she was great in that!!!

  2. She’s tall but I think too old for this character described. Plus she needs to get rid of that huge mole between her eyebrows, it looks like a third eye!

  3. Everyone is saying that Phoebe Tonkin (secret circle, vampire diaries) should get the role. Give it to her.

  4. Interesting news! Lets see how this turns out…