CW Amazon Plans Seem To Include Steve TrevorCW Amazon Plans Seem To Include Steve Trevor
Details about The CW's Wonder Woman pilot, Amazon, are emerging. CW Amazon Plans Seem To Include Steve Trevor

First, some great news: “Iris” was indeed a placeholder name for the lead character in The CW and Warner Bros. Television’s Amazon Wonder Woman project. DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns as well as the writer of the pilot script, Allan Heinberg, have both gone on Twitter more or less confirming that news.

Tonight, we have some additional news, which has been posted on our Amazon/Wonder Woman portal, WonderWomanTV — details of two audition scenes which seem to confirm that Steve Trevor is indeed a part of this new project. It also seems to confirm that Paradise Island/Themyscira is a part of things, as is the fish-out-of-water aspect.

You want to know more? Check it out for yourself.

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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