Brian Austin Green Has A Live 90210 Event Coming Brian Austin Green Has A Live 90210 Event Coming
90210 actor Brian Austin Green has planned a live "...with Brian Austin Green" event at the original "West Beverly High" for charity. Brian Austin Green Has A Live 90210 Event Coming

The first trailer for the televised 90210 reunion BH90210 dropped yesterday, but if you’re still yearning for the days of West Beverly High and the Peach Pit, you could actually visit the school… with Brian Austin Green and a few of his classmates, as well as some special musical guests.

For two years now, Brian has been hosting a podcast “…with Brian Austin Green” with his cohort in audio antics Derek Russell (Starkville’s House of El). The former David Silver and Derek, along with Ian Ziering, did their first live podcast last year… and this time, on August 31, they’re doing it in a more familiar place.

You can’t have David without Donna, so Tori Spelling is among the announced guests at this year’s event, which will be held at Torrance High School, home of the original “West Beverly High,” and it is expected that more 90210 alums will be joining in. Also, in an echo to the time when Color Me Badd made a special guest appearance, they, too, will be performing with the live podcast!

The event will benefit to provide clean drinking water to those in need.

“One thing for me with Generosity that really stuck out is that it’s a cause where we can see the end of this crisis,” Brian told us about picking this charity. “And I say, we meaning all of us, not just me, in this lifetime, this is something that we can actually we can solve. Clean water should be readily available to everyone. It seemed like a natural fit for us.”

Listeners to contribute through the podcast can also see where they’ve created locations where clean water wells can be built. “Generosity goes as far as they put a plaque on the well, for whoever built it. So for your lifetime, you can travel to you know, Uganda, and you can see a well in a small village, with your name on a plaque, and you can always have the the location for you can look it up. It’s a pretty cool charity,” Green explained.

You can read more about the event here; we’ll be posting an interview with Brian in coming weeks, for more details on what to expect from this big event.


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