ABC Cancels Last Resort & 666 Park AvenueABC Cancels Last Resort & 666 Park Avenue
ABC has canceled 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort. ABC Cancels Last Resort & 666 Park Avenue

ABC won’t be ordering more than the initial 13 episodes for two of its new freshman series.

That means that, unless a network change or something similar is in the offing, 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort won’t live to bedevil or rebel beyond 2013.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that both series are expected to continue through their orders in their original time slots. Both series underperformed despite being on popular nights for ABC. Last Resort, especially, had been a critical favorite, and both shows seemed to be popular around here at KSiteTV.

ABC has other shows, including some sitcoms and Red Widow, in the pipeline, so time will tell what they will use to fill those slots.

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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