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ABC Cancels Last Resort & 666 Park Avenue

ABC won’t be ordering more than the initial 13 episodes for two of its new freshman series.

That means that, unless a network change or something similar is in the offing, 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort won’t live to bedevil or rebel beyond 2013.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that both series are expected to continue through their orders in their original time slots. Both series underperformed despite being on popular nights for ABC. Last Resort, especially, had been a critical favorite, and both shows seemed to be popular around here at KSiteTV.

ABC has other shows, including some sitcoms and Red Widow, in the pipeline, so time will tell what they will use to fill those slots.

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  1. With the great actors and the excellant story plots I cannot understand cancelling 666 park avenue it makes no sense! I have quite a few friends who love the show!

  2. You have finally got an awsome show with wonderful actors and you are canceling? Are you nuts? This is not right. I stay up late on Sundays, have been waiting all this time and have researching on the net for season 2. Now I suppose you are going to replace this great show with someting stupid. Go figure, every time I find someting I like, it gets cancelled.

  3. 666 park avenue is awsome!Dont do that!

  4. I loved Last Resort and was really hoping it would return. Thank God you are not in control of The Walking Dead or that would have been canceled too.

  5. loved all the episodes.It’s ashame that it is stopping.Give it a second thought

  6. You are all crazy for cancelling the Last Resort! one of the best shows in television. Very desappointed on ABC!

  7. Why is it that every great show that comes out, networks decide to cancel them. Despite all the great interest, all the people watching and the ratings, you feel the need to put crap on instead of continuing great shows like Last Resort. Its disturbing, i’m personally getting sick of the crap that is being broadcast on tv. Do something different for a change.

  8. first thing last resort is the best second thing i hate walking dead so how can you cancel last resort

  9. Is ABC crazy? The Last Resort is awesome. At work on Fridays we all talk about it and compare notes. Go ahead and put another stupid sitcom or reality show on. I won’t be watching. Thank goodness for my satellite tv so I can watch something I’ll enjoy.

  10. Please don’t cancel Last Resort. It’s the best show ever!!!!!

  11. Bring back 666 Park Avenue ! such an awesome show! How does ABC expect to have viewers at 10pm on a Sunday night? that’s crazy!!

  12. I can’t believe you are cancelling Last Resort!! Are you crazy!? Seriously, that was the best show ever! I am so freakin pissed off at ABC right now, I am going to cry! Is this for real!??!?!!

  13. this is crazy. U have a great cast, great storyline for 66….park avenue and ABC cancels. Then why make it in the first place? there’s been so many shows with lower watch rate than this. C’mon whats the real story behind this?

  14. what you guys are looking at is billionairs out of touch with the real world, they are impatient toddlers with no taste who want what they want and they want it now, so if a show doesn’t make them obscenly rich in a week they throw it out. Trying to explain to them that wealth also follows good taste and patience is like trying to explain it to a sugar addicted child. It’s pointless. You can’t tell them that some shows have to build a following, because they are competeing with so many other shows out there which are just as good but already established, that goes over their gluttonous heads, it’s too complicated for them, it requires them to use their heads which they havn’t used for anything other than shoveling food into for years.

  15. Please rethink decision and bring back 666 Park Avenue…it is a brilliant tense drama and we here (UK) love the show…. what are thinking of…there is enough rubbish on TV but this has great actors and story line.

    Bring it back!!!

  16. Nooo im in the UK n absolutely love 666 park avenue!!!

  17. Park 666 is a fantastic series. Bring it back! The stupid shows like family man stay on while a great show like this is not? WTF

  18. Please bring back 666 its a fantastic show with great actors

  19. My boyfriend and I love 666 Park Avenue, it’s such a HUGE shame it’s been cancelled, let’s hope they re-think this decision! Jasmine -Australia-

  20. Please bring shows or another episode back ending the finale in a great way. The ending was a cliff hanger and left me wanting more….plzzzzzzzzzzxx

  21. please!! bring it back!! 666 park avenue

  22. i know 666 park avenue have a 5 season for coming…but now why just 1 season…so shit and fail i think…sorry to say….but please bring it back..!!!please5x