KSiteTV’s 2012 Top 12: The ShowsKSiteTV’s 2012 Top 12: The Shows
Which shows had the most traffic on KSiteTV in 2012? KSiteTV’s 2012 Top 12: The Shows

The end of 2012 is almost upon us, and that got us curious to see which shows garnered the most traffic here on KSiteTV in the year 2012.

As this is a list about traffic, it’s not necessarily a list of what shows are most popular; more, it’s a guide to what people came to look for here at the site. Some of the results were even surprising to the writer of this article.

Did your favorite show make the list? Why not read on and find out, and then come back later today for some other Top 12 lists!

(And, yes, there’s a lot of CW stuff on this list. What can we say, The CW is popular around here!)

#1. The Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Vampire Diaries fans are loyal, with any link coming from one of the major TVD fan sites or Twitter accounts making traffic excellent for the day. Fans took in every preview image they could see, and we had a few TVD-related interviews posted on the site this year as well. This year, major changes hit as Elena (Nina Dobrev) is now a vampire, and love triangles — including new pairings like Elena/Damon and Klaus/Caroline — are going into new directions. What shall come next? We shall see…

Vampire Diaries forum

#2. Arrow (The CW)

It should probably come as no surprise that Arrow, the new CW show based on DC’s Green Arrow comics, was huge around these parts. Most of the action happened at our companion site, GreenArrowTV, though there was also a lot of activity on the KSiteTV Forum. It’s #2 this year, probably because it was only on for three months of the year, so we’ll see how things turn out next year. All in all, people are loving what Stephen Amell & co. are doing with the Green Arrow legend.

Arrow forum

#3. Once Upon A Time (ABC)

When Once Upon A Time was first announced, I immediately had flashbacks to The Charmings, a similar show from the 1980’s. Thankfully, there weren’t a lot of similarities and Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz created a show and a world that people really cared about. Season 2 has kept people interested with new characters like Captain Hook; we’ll forgive them for the somewhat boring Mulan and Princess Aurora.

Once Upon A Time forum

#4. Supernatural (The CW)

Like with The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural fans are loyal, and they also like to read about and debate about the show and which brother is better between the two. Here at KSiteTV we were able to interview some cast members from the show, which was nice; the show itself has been quite interesting this year with the installation of Jeremy Carver as showrunner. Might this show make it through Season 10? Maybe, at the rate they’re going.

(Somewhere, there is someone furious that Jared is more in focus in this picture than Jensen is. No disrespect intended; it’s just a cool photo!)

Supernatural forum

#5. Merlin (BBC/Syfy)

The fifth and final series/season of Merlin doesn’t air in the U.S. until later this week, but posts about Merlin – particularly interviews – proved very popular. Chances are good that the show may have ranked even higher if The BBC had allowed us to keep up episodic images. For those who have seen the finale, Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Gwen, Gaius and everyone else will most certainly be missed. For those who haven’t seen it… hey, we have another season left!

Also interesting to note: Our Comic-Con interview with Colin Morgan was the most read interview in all of KSiteTV for 2012.

Merlin forum

#6. Beauty And The Beast (The CW)

This one kind of surprised me, where it placed on the list, but then again, I shouldn’t be… Kristin Kreuk’s die-hard fans have always been supportive of her favorite actress, and KSiteTV is an offshoot of a Smallville site, after all. The CW’s new take on Beauty And The Beast has had a mixed reaction; not so big for critics, but the audience seems to enjoy it, and that’s what matters the most here. The notion that the show has two very good looking leads can’t hurt it.

Beauty And The Beast forum thread

#7. Young Justice (Cartoon Network)

Thankfully, even though the Cartoon Network likes playing ping-pong with Young Justice, taking it off the air for months at a time, we got some really good episodes while it was on, with a string of new episodes comprising the end of Season 1 and the beginning of the second season, which is subtitled Invasion.

The writing on Young Justice is as well-plotted as a live action show, full of surprises, cliffhangers, and mystery.

Young Justice finally returns January 6.

Young Justice forum

#8. Smallville

In the final episode of Smallville, Jonathan Kent said “Always hold on to Smallville.” Fans took his advice, and they did. A new “Season 11” comic book series began this year, and among other things, we posted some photos of Smallville props here on the site back in April as part of Warner Bros. Television’s 60th anniversary celebration.

This #8 ranking was just from the news section of KSiteTV. If you count activity at our still-active forum, Smallville would probably still have the #1 spot. And, yes, KryptonSite still exists….

Smallville forum

#9. Glee (FOX)

This one’s interesting: Although people seem to be visiting KSiteTV’s Glee content, our Glee forum is pretty dead. This was also a transitional year for the show as new students have come in, which has also made people curious about the series. The next thing to see is if Glee will continue to have life throughout 2013.

Glee forum

#10. Nikita (The CW)

Ratings may not be as high as they’ve ever been, but the fans that the show does have are remembering to tune in, and in almost all cases, they’re loving it. The CW’s Nikita is a constantly evolving show, and this year has seen the show’s two lead characters getting engaged. Hopefully the show itself can engage more viewers so more folks tune in so we can have a Season 4…

Nikita forum thread

#11. Dallas (TNT)

A personal favorite of KSiteTV webmaster Craig, Dallas has seen the return of the classic Ewings (including Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, and the late Larry Hagman) mixed with a new generation, led by Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson, and Jordana Brewster. The end result is a fantastic series that is true to the original series while still compelling for the 21st century. The show returns in late January on TNT with what will begin with Larry Hagman’s final episodes before his death.

Dallas is a textbook example of a sequel series done right.

Dallas forum thread

#12. The Secret Circle (The CW)

The only canceled show on this list, The Secret Circle had a huge fan following — especially those wanting to get glimpses of Gale Harold — but it just didn’t have the ratings that were needed to get a second season. One could argue that it still was among the highest rated shows on The CW, but in truth, that was also because it followed the network’s #1 show, The Vampire Diaries.

In retrospect, there were several things to like about this show, and it’s too bad there hasn’t been a DVD made yet. Warner Archive, are you listening? I’ll do the Secret Circle lullaby noise for you…

Come by later today for the Top Articles and Top Interviews of 2012!

Honorable Mentions – These shows almost made it (in no particular order)…
Fringe – Hart Of Dixie – Revenge – Castle – The Lying Game – Ringer – Grimm – Revolution – Saving Hope – Teen Wolf – Degrassi – Gossip Girl – Alcatraz – Smash – Touch – Elementary – Person Of Interest

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